Time To Rebuild Your Engine!

Every engine that Michigan Motor Exchange rebuilds has been remanufactured to exact specifications. As active members of our industry's major associations, the P.E.R.A. and A.E.R.A., we receive continuous updates for technical information and changes. Corrections and improvements to O.E.M. original designs, by our quality component suppliers, provides the opportunity for even longer life in your remanufactured engine. Our engines receive the individual attention that O.E.M. factories just can't give.

Engine Core

The engine cores are completely stripped and put through an extensive cleaning process, magnafluxed and/or pressure tested to assure quality castings.

Cast Components

The cast components for each engine, (block, cylinder heads, crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rods), are remachined individually. Clearances are double checked throughout the remanufacturing process to assure a quality finished product. New pistons, rings, lifters, bearings, oil pumps/kits, timing components, seals, freeze plugs and oil galley plugs are replaced in all Michigan Motor Exchange engines.

Finished Engine

Whenever we sell you a remanufactured engine, you also receive the benefits of our expertise. Feel free to call us with any questions regarding your engine purchase. Most of our engines come with a 1/4-MILLION MILE nationwide warranty for 3-Years. Check out our warranty page for details.