Quality Shop Referral Program

Michigan Motor Exchange has put together the "Quality Shop Referral" Program to help YOU grow. Contact Michigan Motor Exchange to learn how to participate.

At Michigan Motor Exchange, we specialize in engine replacement. Frequently these vehicles require repairs other than those in which we specialize, i.e. brakes, shocks, exhaust, drivability, and even tires or body work.

There is also a direct link you receive from the marketing efforts of Michigan Motor Exchange. We spend thousands of dollars for advertising every year, spread over many categories, markets, and a variety of media. As a result, we often receive calls from people looking for parts and/or services that we don't provide.

Our sales staff will take the time to search our "Quality Shop Referral" database to provide a referral. That "Quality Shop Referral" could be YOU.

"Heavy" engine work is costly for a shop that relies on productive, high turn service bays. By referring or subletting your engine replacement jobs to Michigan Motor Exchange, you benefit by not tying up those profitable service bays. Also, you are not at risk of loosing your customer to us for their future service needs. We specialize in engines, perform a quality installation, and return them to your for their future maintenance and repair needs.

  • FREE ADVERTISING - Receive referrals at no cost
  • M.M.E. provides quality engines & parts
  • We will provide a comfortable service experience to YOUR customer
  • Engine installation is performed by an engine specialist
  • Product and service is backed with a warranty on parts and labor
  • Your customer receives a quality Michigan built product
  • You increase your profits with increased turnover
  • M.M.E. has multiple locations, providing expert support
  • We will share a Non-Competitive customer base

What We Expect of YOU in Working Together:

Provide our referrals with an honest quality service. Ask customers to provide feedback on their experience. Provide open communication and feedback with us regarding satisfied and unsatisfied customers alike. By communicating and resolving customer conflicts together, we provide more confidence of automotive repair to the customers.

Wholesale Needs

Below are just some of the wholesale needs that Michigan Motor Exchange can satisfy. Contact one of our friendly Sales Representatives for your needs, qualifications, and special pricing. Call or visit one of our locations or get a Wholesale Quote now!
  • Inboard Gas Engine
  • I/O Inboard/Outboard Gas Engine
  • Sail Boat Inboard Gas Engine
RV Centers
  • Class C Gasoline Engine
  • Class A Gasoline Engine
  • Other Specialty Gas & Propane Engines
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Delivery Vehicles
  • Contractors
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Landscape Vehicles
  • Independent Small Businesses
Industrial Engines
  • Hi-Low Gas Engine
  • Hi-Low Propane Engine
  • Wood Chipper Gas Engine
  • Industrial Gas Generator
  • Other Specialty Gas & Propane Engines